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  • Stephen Jay Gould Papers Project Update: "The Manuscripts Division is pleased to announce the completion of the physical processing of the Stephen Jay Gould papers. The first and largest accession of Gould's papers arrived at Stanford University Libraries’ Department of Special Collections in 2004, with 8 smaller accessions following through early 2011. The first phase of the processing project, which began in Fall of 2009, included a detailed processing of Gould's correspondence, manuscripts, and juvenilia. Upon completion of these three series, the processing team switched gears to complete basic arrangement and description of the remainder of Gould's papers. The Gould papers consist of 564.5 linear feet of material, which includes over 850 boxes of textual material, approximately 450 audiovisual items, and 1,180 computer media files (52 megabytes). A comprehensive finding aid is forthcoming, and will be published online in Fall 2011." [Continue...]

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    Posted a link to Gould's "Eternal metaphors of paleontology," originally published in A. Hallam, Patterns of Evolution as Illustrated by the Fossil Record, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1977, pp. 1-26.

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  • It was nice to see our website featured in Science magazine's "Netwatch," edited by Mitch Leslie, on October 27, 2006. [Science 314 (5799): 571.] A PDF of the article can be downloaded here.

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  • I just found an interesting thesis paper titled The Adventures of Punctuated Equilibria: A Struggle for Authority in the Evolutionary Sciences (1 MB) by Andrew James Grimshaw. It is a fairly comprehensive history of the punctuated equilibrium debate, supplemented with several comments by scientists who responded to the author's questionnaire. When I fist started reading the paper it looked extremely promising, but as I read on it became apparent to me that Mr. Grimshaw is a social constructionist, and a student of Bruno Latour. Ouch. Too bad. But despite these only slight deficiencies, there is much good history here and it is well worth a read. Here's the front matter (141 KB), as well as the appendix (261 KB), which contains the questionnaire. These files are in PDF and require the Acrobat Adobe Reader.

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  • Added the full text of A. C. Seward's Darwin and Modern Science, a collection of essays printed in 1909 commemorating the centenary of Charles Darwin's birth, and 50 years of the publication of On the Origin of Species. The volume includes contributions by August Weismann, Ernst Haeckel, Adam Sedgwick, William Bateson, Hugo De Vries, Francis and George Darwin, and others.

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  • Added a link to Carl Zimmer's "'Bigger Is Better' View of Evolution Gains Credence," which discusses new research on Cope's Rule (that size increases significantly throughout the course of animal evolution). Gould made it well known that he was skeptical of this trend—calling it a "psychological artifact." There is also an interesting piece on Avida, also by Zimmer. So be sure to check that out as well.

  News: July 5, 2004.

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  • A full biography of Stephen Jay Gould is under preparation by the National Academy of Sciences (Joseph Henry Press label) under the authorship of Frederic Golden. Reports indicate that it will be titled "Fossil Face": The Life and Times of Stephen Jay Gould (2005). [This project has been seriously delayed, and the publication date is unknown. ed. 6/12/08]

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  News: February 20, 2003:

  • The latest issue of Skeptic (Vol. 9 No. 4) honors Stephen Jay Gould, with articles by Richard Milner and Michael Shermer. (Read the text of Shermer's "This View of Science" here.)

  News: February 18, 2003:

  • It has become a common practice for Creationist groups to construct lists of several scientists who reject the theory of evolution, presumably to persuade the public that the theory is undergoing "crisis." In a response of sorts, the National Center for Science Education has given us "Project Steve," a tongue-in-cheek list of 220 scientists with the name "Steve" who hold just the opposite opinion. The name Steve was chosen "in honor of the late Stephen Jay Gould (1941-2002), a supporter of NCSE and a valiant opponent of creationism."

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  • Posted a "Web FAQ" and changed the title a bit.

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  • Added an audio clip from Stephen Jay Gould's appearance on "The Connection."

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